Jason Troxell Death, a talented artist Jason Troxell sadly passed away unexepectedly

December 16, 2021 By Michael smith 0

Jason Troxell Death, Cause Of Death – It is with a heavy heart that I share the news that the BattleTech community lost one of it’s own yesterday, Jason Troxell. Jason was a talented artist, and his love of the BattleTech cartoon inspired some wonderful line art and comics. He passed away on Tuesday, December 14th due to complications from COVID and pneumonia. While we had not yet had the opportunity to talk outside of electronic messaging, I feel the loss of someone whose work brought a smile to my face and laughter to my day. Jason and I were in the process of scheduling a podcast together when he passed. I was hopeful our conversation would lead others to find his work and enjoy his humor, and perhaps even open the possibility of us collaborating on future projects.

Jason Troxell, my great friend of 25 years passed away this morning of Covid, much much too young (42). I’ll miss him dearly. Jason was a tremendously talented artist who in an ideal world would have been drawing comics instead of working at Walmart. Go to his Facebook page to see ample proof. A lot of those drawings were done at the table in front of me while we were in the break room. My love to his cousin April Feinberg, also sick–please get better April–we couldn’t bear to lose both of you.

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone mourning this death. Click the link to read more from the source

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