Jason Codarmaz Death, Jason Codarmaz Tragically Passed Away

December 17, 2021 By Teejay Ericson 0

Jason Codarmaz Death, Cause Of Death –  Jason Codarmaz has passed away peacefully, Codarmaz cause of death was not made known to the public. Jason Codarmaz was a GOOD man. He demonstrated honesty, integrity, courage, great humor, mischievousness, compassion, and boundless love for his family and friends. He always said, “Codarmazes are the best,” and he was the best of us Codarmazes.

He was one of the best humans on the planet. Every time I saw him at work, he’d give me a hug. I’m sure he knew it, but those hugs were always the best part of my day. And I could always see him coming from a mile away because he walked just like my grampa, except with a little more swagger.

He brightened the hallways. He lead by example every day how to respect others and how to love one another. Because of that, everyone who met him, loved him. He will be deeply missed by many people. A few people have said to me, “I only knew Jason from work, but…” Please don’t diminish your own connection to Jason.

It was not a small thing. He was genuine. It was all of our great honor to know him. love him, and call him friend. My heart is broken for Sally, Max, Layla, and Deric. For Aunt Carmen, and Uncle Dave. for Jennifer/Paul and Aimee/AJ. For all his nieces and nephews. For all his closest friends. For those that knew him best.

I will miss you, cousin. Work won’t be the same knowing I’ll never see you walk in the door again. Tell Grandma and Granmpa, “Hi.” I’m sure they were surprised to see ya so soon. We’ll try to hold down the fort down here although, for many, it will be more difficult without you. Jason Codarmaz (October 31, 1974 to December 15, 2021.)

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