David Boge Rockford Il Tragically Passed Awa

December 20, 2021 By Teejay Ericson 0

David Boge Death, Cause Of Death –  David Boge of Rockford Il  has passed away, I am still in shock of the news I received last night! David Boge we spent a lot of quality time together! You still might be the only person that I ever hired that actually taught me way more than I taught them.

Not only did I learn from him at work he always had great advice about life in general! We were friends first before coworkers, and we talked about you owning your own place way back when after a few late night cocktails! Man, you were funny, smart, and definitely knew how to be a leader! We talked about you buying one of of our places for the last 10 years. About 2 years ago the talks got serious about you buying onyx to pursue your dreams of being a restaurant/bar owne .

Of course the talks came to a screeching halt in March of 2020 after shutting everything down due to the pandemic. After laying off over over 200 people and getting everything shut down completely, the inevitable happened. I had to get those three places opened back up  while still running our mothership (he gave that nickname). I pleaded with him to come out of retirement and hired him on as a consultant for a month to get all of those places up and running! He had to implement all of the new Covid protocols, hire new staff, and handle training both front of house and back of house, all while navigating through a pandemic.

Well here’s how smart and efficient he was. He got everything up and running within three weeks, deep cleaned, stocked, and fully staffed . He stopped by Rbi and said you don’t even have to pay me for the fourth week everything’s done. It was that moment that he looked me in the eye and said I am going to buy all three of your places with your regiona manager. I looked at him like he was crazy but obviously I knew that they were both up for the task.

You see if you were a good manager on my team, there was a good chance that I sat down with you for an hour or so on multiple occasions, sometimes with bankers and lawyers to try and figure out how you could become a business owner it took about 7 months to put together the deal but Dave and Billy Ni became proud business owner of 3 bar/restaurants on Jan 15th of 2021.

I was so proud of the both of them. In fact Dave just bought a home in my neighborhood. He literally just put in a pool and was so excited about his future! He loved his son as much and maybe even more than a father could love his son! That’s what saddens me the most is the fact that a young boy just lost his amazing father! I just saw him this past Tuesday for lunch and he gave me a big hug and wish me luck on our new rebranding.

He seemed very happy, extremely healthy, and of course was as positive as always. I’m going to miss you my good friend . I know you liked to give out nicknames and the good ones you always had cool ones. My manager name for POS and clock in at Onyx was rockstar for over nine years but my friend you were truly the rockstar  of rockstar’s. Til we meet again…

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