Lexi Wilkes Car Accident, Lexi Wilkes Killed In A Crash

December 20, 2021 By Teejay Ericson 0

Lexi Wilke Deat, Cause Of Death –  Lexi Wilkes sadly passed away in a car accident, Join me in praying for the Wilkes family. Hunter and Lexi Wilkes, of Minden, LA, were tragically killed today in an automobile accident on their way to church. They leave behind a 3 month old son.

Hunter spoke to our UBC youth a couple of years ago and made a profound impact on the lives of our UBC teenagers that night. I have kept up with Hunter since then and he was doing a great work for the Lord wherever he would be. He was an exciting and joyful young man with a strong witness for Christ.

Hunter was also a seminary student at Louisiana Missionary Baptist Institute and Seminary. He was also the youth pastor at East Side Baptist Church in Gary, TX. He was very passionate about Christ and wanted everyone to know Him PERSONALLY. He would not want this to be posted without asking, “Do you know Christ personally?” Just like Hunter, we do not know when God will take us from this earth.

We are never promised the next second. Do you know Him? You have to know for certain that you are His child by faith in Him.Please continue to uplift this entire family in your prayers over the coming days. We rejoice at the paradise that they are seeing and the eyes that they are beholding.

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