Michael Stassi Retired Police Detective, Tragically Passed Away

December 20, 2021 By Teejay Ericson 0

Michael Stassi Death, Cuase Of Death – Michael Stassi passed away unexpectedly. He was a Retired Police Detective, Retired Fire Chief, Retired Ambulance Director. Retired Bodyguard. I am so upset just found out that we lost a good friend today Michael J Stassi passed away!!! He was a great son,brother,husband,father and friend!! My heart goes out to the stassi family!! My heart is broken over this!! if any of you need anything please let me know!!! I am so sorry for your loss!!!!  you all are in my prayers!! Shawn Stassi Amber Stassi and Shannon Stassi you know he will be watching over all of you!

This is a update I don’t want to give. As many have heard, Michael lost his battle today and now Is in his eternal home. My heart is broken and continues to break for his wife and son. For his mother, brother and sister. My heart breaks for his niece and nephews. As far back as I can remember, Michael wanted to be a police officer. He wanted to follow in his dads footsteps, like his grandfather and uncle.

I remember the conversation when he told me he was hired and going to the academy. He was overjoyed. Michael excelled at everything he did, whether it was working the ambulance or fire department. He loved to help people. Michael would help others sacrificing himself, his time or his finances. He did it with great joy. As I look back at our childhood and the things we did, I laugh with tears in my eyes.

So many great memories that I could write a best seller! I am saddened that I wasn’t with Michael in his time of need. My last words to Michael were, “ I gotta go make some phone calls, I’ll call you tomorrow, love ya”. I had so much more to say but never got the chance. That was 2 days before he went into the hospital. I’m glad I had the time with him and for the memories. The fires we fought, the patients we helped. I couldn’t think of anyone better to donor with. Love you Michael J Stassi and we will see each other again!


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