Cassidy Crompton Death, Cassidy Crompton has passed away, cause of death

January 3, 2022 By Michael smith 0

Cassidy Crompton Death, Cause Of Death – It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of our J2 teammate Cassidy Crompton- IMPACTFUL is the first word that comes to mind when we think of this beautiful human being. Cassidy left an IMPACT no matter where she went, no matter what the situation was.
Cassidy was an athlete who strived for perfection, was determined to do a skill until she couldn’t get it wrong. Cassidy was a dream to coach; strong, humble, determined and the best teammate anyone could ever ask for. Cassidy was the first to offer help, the first to give a compliment or shout-out and the first to yell, “We got this!” as the team started a tough stunt sequence.

Cassidy would always hold a nervous teammate’s hand and give them a pep talk as they waited on-deck to hit the competition floor. Cassidy was more than an incredible athlete and dream teammate, she was a “breath of fresh air” as she walked in the gym, always having a beautiful smile on her face & a greeting for everyone. Cassidy was the “sunshine”at practice as she cracked a joke with that witty sense of humour she had. She was kind- hearted, welcoming, the epitome of Stars-Style.

Everywhere that Cassidy was present, she left a positive impact. Cassidy’s Stars Legacy will be for us to make an impact like she did, and is still doing. Cassidy will forever will be a reminder that a positive attitude and giving of yourself is of the upmost importance in your athletic career and life.

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone mourning this death. Click the link to read more from the source

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