Nancy Drumm Death, Nancy Drumm has suddenly passed away

January 3, 2022 By Michael smith 0

Nancy Drumm Death, Cause Of Death – I am so beside myself this morning, as are so many others . Nancy Drumm was one of the most kind, and beautiful women I had ever known. I called her Wonder Woman, and she truly was. For as long as my mind can remember, she had EVERYTHING to do with ANYTHING wonderful that had EVER happened within our town. All while being the most amazing Mother to Lauren, she was also so very much important to everyone in Woodbridge, as her dedication as First Ward Councilwoman, far exceeded any expectations.

For the 28 years I had known Nancy, her eyes were always smiling. ♡ I chose this photo to show how radiantly STUNNING this woman was at 6am ! , not an ounce of morning face. We were doing sit ups, push ups, burpees, mountain climbing, frog leaps… and despite many younger gals in our class- Nancy was the Strongest. She planked for 3 minutes longer than the rest of us: and then even pulled me up off the floor. ♡ When I took this picture she flexed those triceps! Why?! … because she was Wonder Woman.

My heart hurts knowing your not here with us anymore . We will continue to smile like you did, love like you did & be nice to each other because you always showed us that that’s the best way to live life. No more pain for our dear friend Nancy Drumm. You faught valiantly in a fight that no one like you should have had to . Rest easy my friend love you so much . The kindest sweetest ,genuine person I have had the pleasure to be blessed with as a friend. I’ll hold the memories of all our times together alive in my heart.

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