Peter Klatzow Death, renowned South African composer Peter Klatzow has passed away

January 3, 2022 By Michael smith 0

Peter Klatzow Death, Cause Of Death – Sad news about renowned South African composer Peter Klatzow who died just before the New Year. Here is an excerpt of Peter Klatzow’s Piano Quintet performed by Ubuntu ensemble @leonbosch at the 2021 African Concert Series. On Wednesday, 29th December, 2021, Peter James Leonard Klatzow, South African Composer, passed away at the age of 76.Peter Klatzow was born on 19 July, 1945 in Springs Gauteng, South Africa, to Cyril and Winifred Klatzow.

He completed a Doctoral Degree in Composition from the University of Cape Town, where he lectured for 37 years in composition, retiring in 2010 as Professor Emeritus. He lived with Lionel Walker, Hayley Fredericks, and their son, Peter-John, which Peter described as his family, along with his goddaughter, Claudia Stamatiadis.

Peter Klatzow had a profoundly innate talent and interest in music from an early age. His passion for composition and thirst for knowledge in music combined to create an extraordinary man who shared this knowledge with students and friends alike. He achieved great success in his endeavours and earned many accolades and awards, deserving of his stature and ability. But Peter was more than just the sum of what he was passionate about. He was known for his quick wit, a natural flair with words, strong-will, but also his ability to truly inspire and encourage.

He had an intense, precise and organised nature, usually setting about composing at four in the morning every day with a coffee in hand, and very rarely skipping a day. His ability to transcend his own musings profoundly affected his students and friends alike and he liked to try to aid budding composers and musicians by nurturing their ability while sharing whatever he had learnt and discovered. Peter loved playing Bridge and always found some reason to give a good grin, whether it was about the latest Soufflé he’d conjured up, or perhaps a resonant harmony or melodic contour he’d recently discovered. His big smile was infectious.

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