Igor Bogdanoff Death, Crypto Meme Twin Brothers Dies At Age 72

January 4, 2022 By Teejay Ericson 0

Igor Bogdanoff Death, Cause Of Death –  Igor Bogdanoff age 72 passed away days after the passing of his brother Grichka Bogdanoff due to complications from Covid-19.  Decades before they beamed themselves, decked out in futuristic spacesuits, into the homes of families all over France, the twins were born in a castle in Gascony in 1949.

Descended from German and Austrian nobility, Igor and Grichka were raised by their grandmother, Countess Bertha Kolowrat-Krakowská, whose scandalous affair with Roland Hayes, the first Black American to attain international fame as a classical musician, produced the twins’ mother.

The brothers went on to study applied mathematics at the Institute of Political Science and the École Pratique des Hautes Études in Paris. They then found a niche for themselves as writers, producers, and presenters of Temps X, which ran from 1979 into the mid-’80s.

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