Syd Mead Death, legendary concept artists Syd Mead has passed away at 86

January 4, 2022 By Michael smith 0

Syd Mead Death, Cause Of Death – Syd Mead was an American artist, designer and futurologist. At the age of 86, the creator of concept art for sci-fi movies passed away. CS:GO will always remember the contribution of this outstanding person. Time to reveal one of the coolest project i developed exactly one year ago after @sydmode commission from Japan. This Syd Mead design was appeared in the legendary art-book “SENTINEL” published by Dragon’s Dream in 1979.

This drawing was certainly made years before book’s publication, probably around 1975 and it’s in a series of black and white sketches at the end of the book, titled simply as “Alien Encounter Costumes”. OK, i think you understood that my favorite movie is Blade Runner and that my favorite western designer is Mr. Mead, since i was a child, but i never saw this drawing before Hiroshi san sent this book to me as reference and as part of the salary for commissioning the sculpture of “AE” (Alien Encounter). I actually became obsessed by this design and re-drawing it I understood the immensity behind Mr.Mead drawing.

This thing would have been ginormous in the reality (look at small pines), maybe 7-800 meters. But i meant the immensity of his design skills BTW. Since the figure is not complete in the sketch, we decided to leave the figure as it is, without adding or inventing nothing that maybe Mr.Mead wouldn’t want. Who am I to complete a work for him? So the figure lacks of lower legs information, but i think this add even more fascination to this design. The sculpture was done by @avesclay pink and orange on a foam frame. Hard to say all about this project, even in a long post like this one guys.

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone mourning this death. Click the link to read more from the source

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