Villian Phoenix Death, Villian Phoenix has passed away

January 4, 2022 By Michael smith 0

Villian Phoenix Death, Cause Of Death – I am very sad to announce the death of Villian Phoenix #VillainReport. I was told that he was taking a break in Alaska and was found dead in his hotel room. I’ll provide more details as I get them.PHOENIX JONES, Real name Ben Fodor is a Seattle born father of 2 working at a daycare for special needs. He didn’t solidify himself as a hero until one day as he’s walking back to his car he realizes it had been broken into.

Inspecting the vehicle he finds a ski mask, almost immediately after his son cuts himself on the shattered glass of the front passenger side window, needing to be rushed to the hospital. Ben kept the ski mask and incorporated it into what would be his first costume. This would be the official beginning of Phoenix Jones. First starting to patrol the downtown core of Seattle, focusing on club areas. He would stop assaults and drunk people being too rowdy but nothing close to what would. Now, he had already been training MMA for the last few years so Phoenix wasn’t afraid to go after more scaring people, he’d try to intimidate drug dealers, stop gang fights which got him a lot of injuries.

He was stabbed and beaten countless times trying to stop crime. And so, he upgraded and got a $10,000 bulletproof suit and soon having two essential people join him: his wife Purple Reign and El Calibré his best friend along with a few others. They would fight crime together and one day a video was captured that went viral of him knocking out a dude in a mutual combat fight, literally supervised by a cop. This propelled into fame and all would go smoothly until he was arrested for pepper spraying who he thought were fighting but actually just dancing around together. It was at his court case that around a crowd of reporters Phoenix unmasked himself to the world.

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