Andrzej Nowak Death, Andrzej Nowak has passed away at age 62, cause of death

January 5, 2022 By Michael smith 0

Andrzej Nowak Death, Cause Of Death – It is with deep regret that we announce that today our friend, great musician, composer and man of many passions, Andrzej Nowak, passed away” – wrote the artist’s profile on FB. “My idol of early youth … Hard as iridium, with a heart hotter than lava …” – wrote Paweł Kukiz on FB.

Andrzej Nowak was born on April 9, 1959 in Opole. In 1979, together with bassist Tomasz Zatwarnicki, he founded the heavy-metal band TSA – it was the abbreviation of the name “Secret Association of Abstinents” (which, however, “survived” practically only in the “Lexicon of Polish Popular Music” by Ryszard Wolański). The most famous songs of the formation include “Trzy Zapałki”, “Chodzi Ludów”, “51”, “Heavy Metal Świat”.

Later, Nowak played together with Tadeusz Nalepa and Martyna Jakubowicz. In 1999 he founded the rock band “Złe Psy”. He also took part in the musical endeavors of other artists, incl. Krzesimir Dębski.

He was a dog lover, he had been breeding American pit bull terriers for years. He was also a collector of militaria and motorcycles. In the presidential election in 2015, he supported Paweł Kukiz.

When asked then by the journalist Onet what patriotism is, Andrzej Nowak said – With all that you have in you and what you want to give to your homeland – not only in deeds, but also in words, feelings and memory. I cannot imagine adoration for the motherland without national memory, without knowledge of history and awareness of the fact to whom we owe the fact that we live, play, stand on stage, ride our roads and live. If we don’t know it and have no idea about the past, it doesn’t make sense. Those who know my parents know how I was raised from the beginning. God, honor and fatherland were number one in my house, and they are still today.

The afternoon broadcast of Radio Opole “Dobre Granie” on Wednesday, January 5, will be entirely devoted to the deceased musician. – We will play, among others concert by Andrzej Nowak and the band Złe Psy recorded in Studio M. SBB of Radio Opole in November 2019 – announced Tomasz Wojtyłko, the co-author of the broadcast, quoted on the radio’s website.

Our thoughts and prayers are with everyone mourning this death. Click the link to read more from the source

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