Delmas Conley Death, Farmer and Legend Delmas Conley has died, cause of death

January 5, 2022 By Michael smith 0

Delmas Conley Death, Cause Of Death – We are very saddened to hear we have lost another Hall of Farmer and Legend Delmas Conley. We are asking for Prayers to the entire Conley family and team at this time. Godspeed Delmas.  I got to know Delmas pretty well over the last several years of race directing at Atomic Speedway. On the track, there was no in between, fans were either hugely cheering for him or hugely cheering against him.

He was that type of racer. But guaranteed, the fans cheering against him also had Mad Respect for him!
Well earned mad respect! To me Delmas was one of the most aggressive drivers to hit the track, and I mean that in a great way. Race him clean for 50 laps, he’s gonna give you all he’s got yet race you just as clean for those 50 laps. Race him dirty for a few laps; no trouble giving it right back to ya…. Deep down, we all had to love and respect his racing! And I believe his accomplishments speak for themselves. Years ago before I race directed, I started designing & selling dirt track hero cards. I was younger, didn’t really know the ins & outs.

I had Conley cards set up at my little sales table at a track one evening. Delmas came up, said he loved the cards. Kind of set me straight on a little warning, he told me he did not mind me selling their cards as it helped promote & he said; “Not like your gonna get rich off of us”. But he also warned me about certain cards I had designed & about certain race teams coming after me due to trademark.

The very next weekend I found out he was 100% correct. I was told not to sell certain cards by certain race teams.I so much appreciated his kind words about my cards and even more the advice….
Over the years as a race director I got to know Delmas a little more & more; I can tell you first hand. Hard nosed racer, raced to win period, but one of the nicest most humble men I’ve ever delt with. One who never ever ever questioned or brought up any call I made as a race director. He was the true meaning of a dirt track racer. Hit the track, who cares about points, here to win. Period!

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