Montana Levy Death, Montana Levy Passed Away Unexpectedly

January 5, 2022 By Teejay Ericson 0

Montana Levy Death, Cause Of  Death –  Montana Levy passed away unexpectedly, Levy’s cause of death was not made known to the public. As I’ve struggled to pick myself off the floor these past few days, I kept asking God, why her? Why take someone so good from this Earth, someone, who has been like family to me more than my blood – but the truth is, deep down, I know why.

Montana is a much older and advanced soul than most of us can even grasp in our entire lifetime. We were blessed with Montana on Earth with us because she was meant to teach specific lessons – to each their own.
Source has called her home as her spirit has advanced, and she will continue to teach many others at the same time at an accelerated pace – something she cannot do in the physical body.

The death of those gone too soon tends to make us bitter and hard to nearly everything – something I’ve learned since losing my father eight years ago today. I know this is not what she would have wanted.
Montana had consistently provided me a North Star when faced with anything throughout my life. She is a model of living fearlessly in one’s true and complete self.

Do unto others what you would like for yourself. Stick up for those that cannot defend themselves.
And if something isn’t your thing, that’s alright too! Without question, Montana has helped form the adult conscious in my head that forever lives with me – I wish I had told her that sooner. I pray to God that she knows how much I love her and how much she means to me.

As we bring in this New Year, I remind myself of the lessons she taught me and prepare to teach the next body of souls who currently walk this Earth. I know so many others will do the same. Keep Montana’s legacy alive –
Listen to her band Sharpless (the music on this video) on Spotify Donations in memory of Montana Levy may be made to: Born This Way Foundation National Council of Jewish Women ​​​​​​​Plan C: A Guide to Abortion Pills Online More importantly – if you knew Montana, please share your memories to keep her light alive.

Thanks to one and all for the great vibes and wishes for my birthday. Please all of you say a prayer for Montana Levy – daughter of my good friend Mark Levy – who passed away way too soon this week.

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