Nikki Chromazz is leaked onlyf, photos and videos reddit and Twitter

January 5, 2022 By Michael smith 0

“At that time I used to be proud in some way-before mi inna bagga bagga-fi seh Nikki Chromazz mi’s name…” she said in a recent Instagram live broadcast. “If yuh type mi een yuh see mi inna mi fashion things… Mi did have one or two likkle interviews, I hosted a lot of parties, I have Chrome Girls Entertainment, I have Chrome Mondays. I do it for myself well-done.

“Everyone is talking about this cute little girl from the ghetto, she just does her thing… I used to be like this. Mi used to be proud. Yuh sees it now, mi nuh is proud of the name of Nikki Chromazz. Like I have always introduced myself as Nicollet, because when you look at it on the Internet and in the media, it is not a good thing for us to surround Nicki.”

Nikki Chromazz is leaked onlyf, photos and videos reddit and Twitter

Interestingly, Chromazz has previously stated that she has completed the explanation of the allegations, because “When I use Google mi name, those things surround the mi name, it feels like nuh mek nuh… Nikki Chromazz and some curses Things.

Nikki Chromazz solved this problem…like I really saw a lot of inspiring and motivating things about me…”She only wants people to talk about the good things she has done, just like buying her own mansion recently.

The latest online conversation is that her fiance is robbing her blind person. Yesterday she denied these reports on Instagram Live all afternoon and explained that rumors are another jealousy-driven strategy to interfere with her happiness.