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January 5, 2022 By Michael smith 0

Richard King Death, Cause Of Death – We were saddened to hear of Richard King’s passing. King was a co-founder of Paragraph Bookstore, and a local author and broadcaster. There is no messing around on Montreal detective Gilles Bellechasse’s turf; the action surrounding his life, and latest case, is swift and to the point. It’s difficult at first to see how things will ever get messy or complicated, the usual indications of a good, gritty detective novel. But then, a little over a hundred pages in, the bomb drops, and the sleuthing reader of Richard King’s second novel in the “Nurse Linton, Detective Bellechasse Mystery Series,” Banking on Life, gets thrown the proverbial curve ball.

The novel can be described as a cozy mix of old-fashioned detective writing crossed with cutting-edge twenty-first-century issues, precluding gory violence. This welcome lack of blood and guts lets the reader concentrate on the twists and turns of the plot as well as the characters, some of which make an appearance in King’s Accounting for Crime (2011), a novel outside this series.

The story starts off quickly with an unknown male found dead in a hospital. We quickly learn that investment banker Michaela Bédard killed him in self-defence in the ER, after having been brought in for health issues that will play a part in the ensuing investigation. The death and its police wrap-up feel a bit too quick and easy, but, inexplicably, more bodies start to pile up.

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