Shiver| Popcorn & Nanjing announces manga

January 5, 2022 By Michael smith 0

The writer Pipoca & Nanquim introduced the manga in a reside made on December thirty first. shiver, by Junji Ito, a group of 9 brief tales, which embody notes and feedback by the creator himself. Together with the advert for shiver, Pipoca & Nanquim additionally revealed that it’s going to launch smashed and Sensor of Ito and MW by Osamu Tezuka. Study extra about Shiver beneath:

“An arm speckled with tiny holes hangs from a sick girl’s window … After an idol hangs itself, balloons with the faces of its victims appear in the sky … An amateur film crew hires an extremely individualistic model and faces a bloody ending … One offering nine new nightmares to the delight of horror fans.” (through Viz)

“Yuuji lives next door to a girl named Rina, who cannot leave the house because she is seriously ill. She screams in terror that there are insects swarming everywhere, even though her mother says it’s a hallucination.” (noticed Junji Ito Manga Fandom)

Shiver| Popcorn & Nanjing announces manga

“Iwasaki, a screenwriter, has a premonition that something bad is about to happen. He flips through a magazine and is shocked by the horrible appearance of one of the featured models. He starts having nightmares about her.” (noticed Junji Ito Manga Fandom)

“Kazuko is trapped inside her house, unable to get out or she will be killed. She is starving, and the creature that is waiting for her uses Kazuko’s own voice to try to lure her out.” (noticed Junji Ito Manga Fandom)

“Haruhiko’s household travels round Japan organizing puppet exhibits.” (noticed Junji Ito Manga Fandom) “Mitsuo Mori is a famous and successful artist whose work consists of portraits of young women; currently a model named Nana.” (noticed Junji Ito Manga Fandom)

“A girl named Mami is in the hospital, where she is awaiting brain surgery. She claims that the personification of death visited her and that she will die soon.” (noticed Junji Ito Manga Fandom) “Shuichi Makita, Risa’s friend, takes her home to her parents. He claims to have found her wandering the street, having lost all her memories.” (noticed Junji Ito Manga Fandom)

“Yui and her family live above the steakhouse her father owns. The store and restaurant are covered in oil and grease, and the air is constantly heavy with grease due to the lack of ventilation.” (noticed Junji Ito Manga Fandom)