Omar Brown Jamaica Death, Omar Brown Passed Away Unexpectedly

January 6, 2022 By Teejay Ericson 0

Omar Brown Death, Cause Of Death – Omar Brown Jamaica has passed away unexpectedly, a GoFundMe account was created to help with the funeral expenses.  It’s difficult to put into words the feeling of losing a best friend in your life that you pictured growing old alongside. Omar Brown was a year younger than me yet somehow I always looked up to him. In May of 2020 I wrote this:

“Quarantine has forced me into a season of reflection and gratitude. As I was looking through pictures of the past year I came across these ones with Omar. This man is someone I look up to in many ways, but none more prominent than his graciousness and prayerfulness. I kid you not, among the hours upon hours that Omar and I have logged on the phone together we have spent more of them praying together than talking to each other.

I wish I could say that I was the one driving this agenda but it wouldn’t take long for you to notice my phone calls with other friends lack anything more than a quick ten minute prayer at the end before we hang up. While I may feel prayer is a staple in my life, He continues to lead me and set the bar much higher.

I’m also extremely grateful for this man’s graciousness. While he has a backbone of steel and will stand up for what’s right, he also has a heart full of faith and eyes full of mercy. I’ve been with him a number of times where he could have taken offense and demanded justice– and been right in doing so. Instead, he met that person with grace and mercy in a way foreign to today’s world.

He truly carries an unoffendable heart. That’s something I want to emulate. He’s someone I want to follow.
This man is truly a man of mercy and prayer. Find yourself a friend who is also a role model. It’s worth it”
Omar was so much more than these two qualities. He carried an optimism and a hope unrivaled. Persistent in joy and quick to laugh. As real as they come yet always had his words seasoned with grace and kindness. Truly, I could go on forever about his character and integrity.

My earliest memory of Omar was within a week of meeting him. Michael James Pierce was teaching in Dimnent Chapel at Hope College and from the very back row came a booming voice with a Jamaican accent that was hyping up everything Michael was saying. Often with a light chuckle afterward. I was sitting in the same row a few seats down.

At one point Michael was describing some situation where we shouldn’t try to control or “white knuckle” the steering wheel to earn our way to heaven and for a moment Omar fell silent. I look over and he’s holding up his hands in front of him and just says “uuuuuhhhhhh” hahahah I lost my mind and started laughing so hard while the room was silent and completely broke the suspense Michael was building in the room (sorry Michael ). At that moment Omar and I locked eyes and he started laughing along with me and our friendship was born.

For someone who lived his entire life in Jamaica, the West coast, and the East coast, he somehow always found time to stop by Holland, Michigan and spend time with me and my family. I never thought that late this summer would be the last time I would see you on this side of eternity. I’m heartbroken .

Please keep his wife Jessica and his family in your prayers as the comfort they’ll need seems presently insurmountable. I’ve lost people very close to me before but they were always at least one generation older. This is the first time losing a very close friend and dear brother my age and it feels so unnatural.

Yet, I can mourn with hope. Death is not the final word and that’s not just something to say to paint a lighter picture of reality but it is reality itself. Thank you Jesus for allowing me to meet Omar. Thank you Omar for teaching me so much, loving me so well, and making me laugh so hard.
Please consider giving to help cover medical expenses and funeral arrangements. This man is worth honoring in every kind of way.


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