Ray Payne Death, Ray Payne struck and killed, near Mosers

January 11, 2022 By Teejay Ericson 0

Ray Payne Death, Cause Of Death – Ray Payne was sadly struck and killed, near Mosers, in Fulton.  Ray Payne was pronounced dead at the scene according to the report.  I was shocked to hear about Ray Payne being struck and killed, near Mosers, in Fulton. He always either walked or rode his bike and everyone knew him. Rest in peace, Ray. RLC

Moser’s is locally owned and operated by Roger and Jeanie Moser of Fulton, MO. Moser’s opened the first grocery store on April 8, 1982, and Moser’s now has eight.

Si Ray Payne subo nga gibunalan ug gipatay, duol sa Mosers, sa Fulton. Si Ray Payne gideklarar nga patay sa lugar nga nahitaboan sumala sa taho. Nakurat ko sa pagkadungog bahin kang Ray Payne nga gibunalan ug gipatay, duol sa Mosers, sa Fulton. Kanunay siyang maglakaw o magbisikleta ug ang tanan nakaila kaniya. Pahulay sa kalinaw, Ray. RLC

Ang Moser’s lokal nga gipanag-iya ug gipadagan ni Roger ug Jeanie Moser sa Fulton, MO. Giablihan ni Moser ang unang grocery store niadtong Abril 8, 1982, ug ang Moser’s aduna nay walo.


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