Allison Coleman pfizer dead and obituary – Whats happened? – cause of death

January 13, 2022 By Eve Admans 0

A 7-year-old girl named Allison Coleman has recently become a trending topic after news broke on social media platforms. She reportedly died after being vaccinated against covid 19. The Australian government has launched a process to vaccinate children aged 5-11 after a spree of omicron cases in the country.

Rumors of the death of a 7-year-old girl spread because the vaccinations had already started, many children had been vaccinated, and some were still lining up to be vaccinated. Some social media accounts claimed news of her death. We’ll discuss the girl’s cause of death in further detail in this blog. So keep reading.

Who is Alison Coleman?

Alison Coleman is a 7 year old girl from Australia. She made headlines after some social media accounts shared information about her death. The reason is said to be the coronavirus vaccine.

Alison recently contracted covid 19 following the official announcement by the Australian government. The government allows children aged 5 to 11 to be vaccinated from the centre. This initiative was taken in consideration of the high vulnerability and risk of contracting the virus among children. The virus can attack their fragile immune system and cause many problems. With this in mind, the government has decided to allow national vaccination centres to vaccinate children between defined age groups from January 2022.

Allison Coleman child

Alison Coleman was vaccinated by Pfizer on Jan. 11, according to virus reports. Her body later showed negative effects, and she died shortly after. Due to the lack of information on the authenticity of the report, we were unable to verify any single detail.

Our team is working hard to collect more data to make the news clearer. But as of now, we don’t have enough sources to back up these rumors. In addition, the media attention has further raised doubts about the truth of the death of Alison Coleman’s vaccine. We’ll keep you updated on all the latest discoveries, you just have to be patient for our next news update.

Liz Palme commented on the news “This is just one of them. During this time, people couldn’t even get the truth through the mainstream media. Check out Vaers’ report. Nearly 300 children died from jabs in the US alone. MMS, Big tech, governments, hospitals. They’re together. People have to come together and stop in front of millions of people, yes, millions of people dying in the jab.”

Another said, “Those who approve the use of these vaccines, and those in the supply chain, all the way down to the people who get these vaccines, are the culprits of murder!”

Alison Coleman Pfizer

Whether the girl died after receiving the Pfizer vaccine remains to be investigated. But the rumours do have parents panicking about the safety of these vaccines. Kathi Newell on Facebook: ‘I hope this is fake news’

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