Raju Ananthaswamy dead, music composer and director – cause of death

January 15, 2022 By Eve Admans 0

Raju Ananthaswamy dead, music composer and director – cause of death

The Kannada film industry and Karnataka’s music fraternity were deeply shocked by the death of 39-year-old renowned musician and actor Raju Anansaswamy at a hospital here on Saturday.

Ananthaswamy has been suffering from kidney problems for several months and is being treated. He is survived by his mother Sansa and two sisters who live in the United States. He got divorced many years ago.

Ananthaswamy is a famous music composer and singer of Kannada Sugam Sangeet (light music). “Raju Ananthaswamy was the most talented singer in recent times. His passing is a real loss for the Kannada music industry. He died young but left behind many great musical works. His genius did not Get the most out of it,” said Senior Music Director C. Aswath.

Famous broadcast singer Pallavi described Ananthaswamy as her guru (teacher) and said it was difficult to pick the best of his musical compositions. “As a singer he is the best and most of his music is top notch. I sing most of his music. It’s hard for me to choose the best song he’s written or the best he’s written songs,” Pallavi said.

Ananthaswamy’s father was also a famous musician. His music was heavily influenced by his father, the late Mysore Anansaswamy. Mysore Ananthaswamy and the late Kalinga Rao are veterans of Kannada Sugam Sangeet.

Raju Ananthaswamy started his music career when he was a teenager. He started playing the snare drum on his father’s music program. He wanted to release a new album of his father’s best work.

Ananthaswamy is popular for his personality and sense of humor. He has also acted in many Kannada films and is an excellent singer. His song “Yaava Mohana Murali Kareyithu” on the hugely successful “America America” ​​was a huge hit.

He has acted as a comedian in several films, including “Abhi and Appu” starring Puneet Raj Kumar.

Ananthaswamy’s most memorable light music compositions include songs such as “Krishna Yenabaarade”, “Madhava”, “Beldingala Raathrili”, “Tunge Dadadalli”, “Heege Ondu Raathri” and “Badavanaadhare Enu Priye”. He blazed a new path in music creation, unlike other music legends, including his father.

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