Wavy Navy pooh dead, killed wavynavypooh – whats happened?

January 15, 2022 By Eve Admans 0

Rookie rapper Wavy Navy Pooh chronicles the harsh reality of growing up in one of Miami’s most dangerous areas with a lively and powerful track. The 25-year-old rapper credits Instagram for saving his life, and Quality Control’s P directly messaged him for music, which led to his recent swift signing to the label.

As part of the new generation QC lineup, a brand known for discovering and uncovering new talent, with his debut album Murder Is A Major Issue or MIAMI, he introduces a lesser-known side of Miami from a one-man point of view. Look, hip-hop is not just a way out, but a tool that can provide much-needed light on the violence that plagues life in Miami. Those can’t.

Speaking about MIAMI, Wavy Navy shared: “Hip hop inspires me because I always start from nothing for people like me…I want to be a legend. I want the world to know the other side of Miami .”

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