Gary North Death, Gary North Passes Away

Gary North Death (11 February, 1942 – 24 February, 2022) Obituary News: North, the son of FBI special agent Samuel W. North Jr. and his wife Peggy, was born in Horn Lake, Mississippi, and grew up in Southern California. Gary Kilgore North is a well-known author and leader in the Christian reconstructionist movement. North has written more than fifty volumes on Reformed Protestant theology, economics, and history. He is a member of the Mises Institute’s Associated Scholars program.

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North is a proponent of biblical or “radically libertarian” economics as well as a dominionism and theonomy theorist. He believes in establishing and enforcing Bible-based religious law, a viewpoint that has caused him to clash with other libertarians. For male homosexuality, adultery, blasphemy, abortion, and witchcraft, he believes capital punishment is warranted.

During his college years, North converted to Christianity and began frequenting conservative bookstores in the Los Angeles region. North read the works of Wilhelm Röpke, Rose Wilder Lane, Cornelius Van Til, Austrian School economists Eugen Böhm von Bawerk, Ludwig von Mises, F. A. Hayek, and Murray Rothbard, as well as Calvinist philosopher Rousas John Rushdoony, while an undergraduate student at the University of California, Riverside, between 1961 and 1963. He married Rushdoony’s daughter later.

In Congressman Ron Paul’s first term, North worked as a research assistant for the libertarian Republican (1976). North is a frequent contributor to the website, which has a large history of his work., North’s own website, offers paid access to investing advice and other premium content, as well as commentary on religious, social, and political matters.

North claims that admitting that “God has cursed the world” in Genesis 3:17–19 is the “beginning point for all economic analysis,” and that this “made scarcity an inescapable fact of man’s existence.” North wrote in his 1982 book Dominion Covenant: Genesis that mainstream modern economics, whether libertarian, conservative, or liberal, is “in disintegration” because it takes a “humanist” approach to economics and thus rejects the idea that “biblical revelation” is required for sound economic theory. He also said that if economics is not to collapse into “complete anarchy,” it “must begin with the [Biblical] tale of creation.” Continue reading from Wikipedia

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